O Holy Spirit
Beloved of my soul, I adore you.
Enlighten me, guide me, Strengthen me,, Console me
Tell me what I should do.

Give me Your orders.
I promise to submit myself to all that You permit to happen to me.

Please God, the Holy Spirit, let me only know Your will … Amen.


Prayer of Cardinal Mercier

Father Manny’s Parish Mass Schedule

Saturday 4:00 p.m. St. John Church Henry

Sunday 9:30 a.m. St. James Church Esther

Monday 5:30 p.m. St. John Church Henry

Friday 8:00 a.m. St. John Church Henry

Adoration of the blessed sacrament follows the mass on

Friday morning until noon

St. John Church Rectory:

(337) 937-5108

Click Here for Directions to Both Churches


Father appreciates the concern that is

always shown to him,

and the prayers for him and his ministry.

He thanks everyone in advance for the

cooperation and courtesy of refraining from

posting anything about him on social media.

God Bless!