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O Holy Spirit,                                      Beloved of my soul,                                I adore You.                              Enlighten me,                                         guide me,                                    Strengthen me,                               Console me                                           Tell me what I should do.                                                   

Give me Your orders.                                                     I promise to submit myself to all that     You desire of me.                                And to accept all that You permit to      happen to me.                                     Please God, the Holy Spirit,                 let me only know Your will ... Amen.     

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 Chester "Paw Paw" Thibodeaux - December 22, 1930 - November 27, 2014

Family Tributes

Suzanne "Sue"Melancon

November 19, 1948 - March 27, 2016 (Easter Sunday)


Sue's passing was a shock and a tragic loss for her family and friends.

She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

For many years, she was a large part of Father Manny's Healing Ministry,

and was valued as a treasured member of our family.

Her passing will leave a void both in the ministry

and in our personal lives.

Rest in Peace Sue ... you have served  your God well.


Eternal Rest Grant unto Sue, O Lord ...

And let perpetual light shine upon her.

May the souls of the faithful departed,

through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


In Loving Memory of

Isabel "Abing" Buenaseda Fernandez

November 5, 1922 - September 5, 2009

Father Manny's mother, Isabel Fernandez,  passed away in peace on the morning of Saturday September 5, 2009.  A true lady, a committed Christian, a loving mother, and a paragon of determination and strength; she will be missed by all who were blessed with even a brief encounter with her.   Ms. Isabel underwent surgery for an obstruction on Friday September 4.  The surgery was deemed a success; however, her body apparently could not withstand the anesthesia, and her blood pressure began to decline until she passed in peace on Saturday morning.  In keeping with Isabel's wishes, her body was brought back to her homeland of the Philippines for her Funeral and burial.


Born a child of poverty, Isabel Buenaseda Fernandez lived a very difficult life since childhood. 

Being of the more traditional generation, her father maintained that "school was not for girls," which limited her ability to reach the goals that she would later help her seven children to achieve.  She worked in the fields, putting her faith and hope in God that one day, life would be better, not so much for herself, but for her beloved family.

Isabel married Armando "Manding" Fernandez, Sr.   His salary was not one which would make the family rich, but it was steady work, and with the little income of the copra crop, and the money from the ironing that she took in, Isabel saved every penny she could so that her children could be properly educated.  Being the determined person that she was, she had decided early on that all of her children should get a college degree, and thus be able to have better lives. Her lifelong efforts eventually paid off as every one of her children became college graduates.

Isabel had always been a very caring person … a giving person … and a very practical person.  She loved her native homeland of the Philippines, but her desire to help the underprivileged people there eventually led her to the United States.  She worked very hard and very long hours, sending most of her salary back to family members in the Philippines so that they could have the basic necessities of life.  Even as she herself got older, she worked strenuously, yet untiringly, as an aide to the elderly.  She never complained about the hard work, instead she constantly praised God for the opportunity to be a useful servant to His people.  Anyone who has ever met Isabel Fernandez can vouch for the fact that "Thanks God!" was her most frequent and most favorite comment.    

Although small in stature, Ms. Isabel had the faith of a giant.  Even to the very end, she would call her son, Fr. Manny, every morning for a blessing.  He would pray the "Come Holy Spirit…" prayer over the phone, while she applied the Oil of St. Joseph all over her ailing body.

Whether one called her Inay, Nini, Abing, or Isabel, this was a woman of character … a woman of strong moral fiber … a woman of determination, courage, and strength. She was a mother, a caregiver, a companion, and a tried-and-true friend of the underprivileged. This world would be a much better place if only it could be filled with such upstanding people as Isabel Buenaseda Fernandez. She loved much, and lived well … She will be sorely missed!


Armando, Jr. "Nanding"  Florencio "Reny"

Natividad "Naty"  

   Angelita "Lita  Emmanuel "Ole" "Noel"  Erlinda "Linda"   Ramon "Mon"